Christmas garland

Photo Gallery 2019

What we have been up to. Kicki's been more active than Barbara, and travelled many more miles.... If you want to know more, just ask.

Click on the first photo to read our commentary, and to sit back and enjoy the slide show.

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Brown hair
Outside Merlin's (the second of 3 jobs this year)
I learned to barista a bit
The cousins meet up (northern section)
When Fluff got pouting lip (it's a cat illness)
I turned 28 and got drunk
This is where I spent most of the year
Did a 5k nearly vomited
Liverpool spring 5k
Looking more cheerful later on
Got a fitbit
Occasionally I wasn't in work
Such green water
Climbing the 400 and something steps at Malham Cove
Back down the bottom again
Full of endorphines
At the inn where we stayed - the White Lion
High Force
When we had a balcony (scaffolding)
Good boys
I Wuv You / Yes okay. Now go back to sleep
Running at Royden Park
On the roof...
Keeping watch
Mark got a blanket for his birthday
Pumpkin picking
Hmm - which one
Scouse 5k
Medal -  Scouse 5k
Chloe, Jake, Joel and me
Santa Dash
Santa Dash medals!
PSS Christmas Party
NHS Christmas meal
MIne are out of order but never mind - here's Whisk
From starving stray to a big fat cat. Here's Sheddie
In the old starving days when he was bony and ginger
Meet Fred derf. He's my sourdough starter
The sofa is lovely but about 30cm too large in all directions...
The terrible two
My garden feature
I marked 450 GCSE maths papers. This was the very hard question I had hoped they wouldn't let me mark...
Got any food?
At the bottom of Malham Cove
Still at the bottom
Harebell at the top
The limestone pavement up close
Some pavement!
Malham Cove
418 steps
On a Happy Sunny day
The White Lion Inn is in Upper Wharfedale
The view across the dales
Spotted orchid
High Force from afar
Highest Force
Ragged Robin
The Gingers
Orange bottomed starving cat
The bungalow Grandpop built is still going strong
Far away and long ago in the golden age....
Across the field to the village - Clanfield
Bayleaf in the distance
Here's a Bayleaf I made earlier
Hil photographing another building at Singleton
Val and I drove halfway across England to meet for a cup of tea.
Crochet things I made - Kicki's scarf
Really that was last year but it was a Christmas surprise...
The Lost in Time shawl
Another shawl (they're fun to make)
Blush Blossom blanket - also fun
And I mended my wall a bit...
Sheddie should be called Breadie
From Tosca's Christmas by Anne Mortimer. I spoke to her on Insta and she told me the model was her old tom cat who lived to be 19.
The ringleader and his sidekick
Amazing new kettle that doesn't burn the coffee. Half a birthday present from Kix
This was the surprise other present - a book of tree prints I'd been admiring for ages.
Oh yeah - my eye went wrong. Everything looked like this. It's settled down now and is more like the odd bit of hair getting in the way.
And then my other eye went wrong - a hole in the retina. They thought it might need surgery, but it healed itself. This was right in the centre of my vision.
I alwyas park my car this way round at New Hutte. Best view at a work car park I know.
Big fat thundercloud over Liverpool
Royal Arcade, Norwich - we went for our holidays there
Kix and Mark looking at the Wensum by the Art School
Tourist route down Elm Hill
We only had coffee - honest. In the pub by the river
Lovely Norwich Cathedral (with the gold bit opened by the Queen you know...)
Christmas Sparkle in Norwich
Captain As! Obv we ate there...
Down the pub - real alcohol this time. The Fat Cat has a brewery as well...
Christmas tree at our AirBnB