Christmas garland


We've been trying to get this on the Blongey site for years and, at last, I found a way!!

Kix and I both have trouble telling the difference between certain actors. In a similar way, there are two films I confuse, - well the names sound so similar... and I like them both.

Pic of film poster for Along Came a Spider
Pic of film poster for The Long Kiss Goodbye

Lookylikey Games

Anyway, to start you off, you can try these two Practice Lookylikey pairs games. This will help you to get to know the actors. Then see if you can work out who we get confused by in the game MatchemUp. The links open in a new page, but this one will be behind it the whole time! Don't forget to come back!!

Practice Lookylikey 1
Practice Lookylikey 2

MatchemUp game - remember, you're matching two different people that we get confused!