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How well do you know us

Last seen in 2013 - the How Well Do You Know Us? game. Drag the events into the order in which they happened then check to see if you were correct.
(If you manage to get everything right it'll be a miracle!)

January 2020

  • Kicki and Mark go to Noisia in Manchester
  • Barbara makes a start on Janie Crow's Fruit Garden throw
  • Barbara starts decorating her bedroom
  • Kicki and Barbara go to investigate Nantwich and the Vegan Fair.
  • Kicki and Barbara go on holiday to Shropshire.
  • Kicki and Barbara joins Val and others in a WhatsApp art group
  • Barbara completes a second Easter Tiles throw which goes off to a client in the Shetlands
  • Barbara and Kicki enjoy a socially distanced picnic
  • Kicki starts her new job at the Life Rooms
  • Barbara buys her first piece of art off Instagram.
  • Kicki has a fun day out in New Brighton for her birthday
  • Barbara and Val go to stay in the world's worst AirBNB in Ludlow.
  • Barbara finishes decorating her bedroom
  • Kicki goes to stay with Chloe in Malvern
  • Barbara is a radio star!

December 2020

  • In January, Kicki started her new job at the Life Rooms, after months and months of waiting for her references to come through. She and Barbara went for a sunny and cold day out to a vegan fair in Nantwich, which turned out to be a very cute town.

  • In February, Barbara and Val went to stay in a horrible AirBnB in Ludlow for fun (We didn't know it was going to be horrible beforehand). There was major flooding throughout Shropshire so it was quite an interesting trip. Mark and Kicki went to see Noisia in Manchester

  • In March Kicki had a fun birthday out in New Brighton, with 10 pin bowling and a Pizza Express (which is now closed forever.)

  • In April, Barbara made a start on the Janie Crow blanket - possible the twiddliest yet. Deep red and destined for the KRAW (Kicki's Room As Was) She also bought her first piece of art off Instagram. But not her last!

  • In May, Kicki and Barbara joined a WhatsApp art group with Val and others - it ran for several weeks! They also enjoyed a socially distanced picnic in Sefton Park. No idea why they didn't do it again...

  • In June, Barbara completed a second Easter Tiles throw which was sent off to a client in the Shetlands - she even got paid for the yarn this time!

  • Right at the end of July, Kicki and Barbara went to stay at in a converted Ticket Hall on Bucknell station in Shropshire.

  • In August,Kicki went to see Chloe. Barbara moved into the little room with the cat food, so that she could decorate her bedroom.

  • In October, Barbara recorded an episode of BBC Radio 4's Counterpoint. It is probably still available on BBC Sounds if you want a listen.

  • In December, Barbara moved back into her decorated bedroom.
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